Welcome to myherbalvet.com

Welcome to myherbalvet.com the herbal and holistic website of Mayfield Vet in East Sussex. Here you will find information about the services we offer, together with news and articles about holistic veterinary care for pets.

Our approach to veterinary medicine is slightly different to many practices in that we offer a range of therapeutic options depending upon what is exactly right for your pet. We offer conventional veterinary medicine, homeopathy, herbal remedies, behavioural therapy and physical therapies such as chiropratic and osteopathy. We believe that this holistic approach is beneficial to our patients and gives us more treatment options than conventional medicine alone would provide.

At Mayfield Vet we believe that all forms of medicine have their own intrinsic value. Conventional pharmaceuticals are often of immense value, especially in acute and life threatening conditions. For example, many animals we see in our first opinion practice will benefit from intravenous fluids, antibiotics or analgesia.

Having said that, it is often pets with chronic conditions which are not responding well to conventional medicine that are referred to us for herbal and other holistic services. In this situation we can often help with herbs, homeopathy and other treatments where a conventional approach is less successful.

We hope you find our website useful and informative. It is continually growing and will become a valuable source of information for pet owners seeking holistic veterinary care.